Are you eligible to get registered as a physio in New Zealand?

The New Zealand Physiotherapy Board has a list of requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible to apply for registration in New Zealand. The 3 areas that you need to be able to  answer 'yes' to, these are:

  1. Physiotherapy Qualification: Does your qualification and physiotherapy practice meet current Board criteria? Here's the link to the current New Zealand Physiotherapy Board's criteria, but physiotherapy degrees in the United Kingdom have previously been identified as having a qualification similar to that of New Zealand.
  2. English Language Requirements: Do you meet current Board English language requirements? If English is your first language and your programme of physiotherapy study was undertaken and examined in English, you meet the Board’s English language criteria.  If English is not your first language and/or your physiotherapy degree was not taught in English then you will need to prove your English proficiency through one of the two recognised tests; IELTs or the Australian Occupational English Test (OET).
  3. Recency of practice: Do you meet the Boards current recency of practice guidelines? There are 3 options here, basically, you need to be able to answer 'yes' to at least one of these questions in order to be eligible to apply;
  • Did you graduate from your Physiotherapy degree within 3 years of applying for your New Zealand physio registration? OR;
  • Have you worked as a physio (full or part-time) for ANY of the time in the 3 years prior to applying for New Zealand physio registration? OR;
  • Have you successfully completed another physiotherapy-related, university-level study in the 3 years prior to applying (e.g Masters, graduate diploma etc)?

So how did you get on? Basically, if you studied for your physio degree in the UK and have been working or studying (MSc, graduate diploma etc in a physio-related course) in the 3 years prior to applying for New Zealand physio registration, then you would be eligible to apply.

If your first language is not English then you will also need to do an English proficiency test.

So what next?


Now the hard work begins!

Getting registered as a physio in New Zealand involves completing (quite a lot) of paperwork, which is then sent to the New Zealand physio Board for them to scrutinise and decide if you meet the requirements to be registered as a physio in New Zealand. Find out more about one physio's experience of going through the process in our blog here 

Or if you're ready to take the plunge and get straight into getting your registration started then check out the which will take you through the process step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions;

How long does it take to get registered?

That depends on how long you take to put your paperwork together! The New Zealand physio Board are quite efficient at reviewing applications and getting back to people - they usually take 6-8weks to get back to you after receiving your application.

How much does it cost?

The cost to have your paperwork looked at and assessed by the NZ Physio Board is currently $1734.50 but you also need to factor in a few other costs like police checks, getting someone (often a solicitor) to certify your documents (cost for this can vary from £50-£200), etc. So you are looking at approximately £1100 -£1500.

For more info and to ask your own questions on the registration process check out our dedicated Facebook page: Getting Registered as a Physio in New Zealand





Need more help?

The guides you through the whole process. Here's what some physio's who've used the had to say about it:

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