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Welcome to the Overseas physio, a website for UK trained physio’s to find the most relevant and up to date information on working as a physio abroad. The website is continually evolving and developing but the main focus of the website is on getting registered and working as a physiotherapist in New Zealand and Australia. We will be adding more countries to the website in time – if you have any particular requests for countries that you are keen to work in and would like more info then please let us know (email us at and feel free to ask our community on one of our awesome Facebook pages - Overseas Physio  or  Getting Registered as a Physio In New Zealand

Our Story

My Story

I trained as a physiotherapist in the UK and went on to gain my New Zealand physiotherapy registration. When I came to sorting out my New Zealand physio registration I found there was little information online about how to actually successfully go through the process and few people wanted to offer any info on what they had done to complete the process. So I decided to put together an of all the information and processes that I went through (including what not to do!) in order to help other UK trained physio's going through the New Zealand registration process. I have had lots of positive feedback about the book and I hope you find it helpful too, you can purchase it here.

After successfully gaining my New Zealand registration I then went on to gain my Australian physio registration and have been living and working as a physiotherapist in Australia for over 5 years. I also have an which can help guide you through the NZ to Australian physio registration process.

Next Steps...

If you're ready to find out more about getting registered as a physio in New Zealand and/or Australia then let's get started!